"Our leads doubled just by asking if they'd ever gotten and estimate before. You told me about it yesterday and we implemented it immediately last night and saw results immediately. Previously we dealt with a lot of, "We can't afford it" objections. When we got it this time we asked if they'd ever had an estimate and it completely changed the direction and tone of the conversation. It really addressed their problem and then they too a liking to us. I personally set 4 appointments in 90-minutes. We're going back out today and hit it hard."

"Hey Chris, Wanted to follow up with you re: the coaching call from last week. Changing the canvassers mindset to lowering the homeowners guard, and establishing a need, eliminating objections, using feel, felt, found, and the partial program really helped our lead count go from 4-5 a day, to over 40 set the past 4 days! 14 demo's and 4 sales for 31k. I don' t think it' s a coincidence that we are getting 10+ set a day. Hell Thursday in two hours we set 8. Also playing until the final whistle: Saturday we set 3 leads in the last 5 minutes. Now they have confidence and are having fun canvassing; so much that they don't want to stop when it is pick up time. Another office is sending their manager down here to see what we're doing, and all I am going to tell them is the 5 step process, and a duplicable training program with the ascension model. We use a slightly different intro when we're not around jobs, but the constant is that more homeowners are answering the doors, and we're setting more leads thanks to your program. Just wanted to give you a shout out, I have 2 interviews halfway through your call tomorrow so I can't catch all of it. Thanks,"

"One of Chris' greatest strengths is his ambition. He was out on the street working with another canvass manager and myself on Long Island training us. One homeowner we met was not interested at first, though he went through 4 or 5 rebuttals. He got the appointment and we demonstrated it the next day."

"I am so grateful for the opportunity to have seen the working model in Cleveland. That experience has made all the difference."

"We began our business with many of these exact canvassing fundamentals. This lead source has helped us grow to a multi-million dollar operation."

"I cannot believe the rapid results that can be accomplished with this awesome canvassing program."

"Chris, I just wanted to tell you how well the handbook has been working out in less than a week. I posted online for canvassers last night and have received more applicants that I could have imagined possible and have started using the flyers and they are working great as well. All of the information provided has been very helpful to my canvassing company."

"Hey Chris, just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the information I got out of the last call. I have been managing a canvas team for the last year with our own scripts. We are currently in the process of switching to a new script that you designed for us. Out in the field, it is easy to go back to what we have been doing; because it is what we are used to and it is in our comfort zone. After listening to your call, it really hit home that, everything depends on how well we work with the new script. Being willing to change old ideas, and try new ones is the only way to improve our situation. In just a few days time we have seen a dramatic change. It looks like we may better than double our lead generation. Thank You Chris!!!!!
We Appreciate Your Help,"

"Chris, thanks for having the conferences. They are extremely useful and enlightening."

"You have some awesome strategies that have been well through out.
Thank you,"

"Chris, it's Daniel with Durante Windows in Birmingham, AL. I get your newsletters. They rock.
Good stuff every time,"

"Chris, I just wanted to take this time to thank you for your help. The prospecting is finally starting to work. It has been an uphill battle for me& but the script, and especially the YouTube presentation have been wonderful! I pulled in two GOOD leads today, and I used the foundation of your presentations to do it. I have started to prospect the way you are teaching it, AND IT WORKS! So thank you again. "

These 2 resources will help 97% of companies canvassing become successful.  When you’re just starting out canvassing or a veteran canvasser, there are 5 reasons why most companies fail canvassing for leads.  This DVD reveals the mistakes most companies make.  In the “Numbers that Make Canvassers Successful” report I detail both the frontend and backend numbers of canvassing that every company must know to run a profitable canvassing department.

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